Attendance Information

If your child will be absent from school, please notify the school office by leaving a message on our voicemail system 533-1500, Option 1. Parents will be contacted if no notification has been received.

Regular attendance is absolutely essential in order for students to make the most of the instruction that takes place at school. We thank you for your cooperation and support of the attendance policy.

The Minnesota State Law provides that every child between seven and eighteen years of age shall attend a public school, or private school in each year during the entire time the public schools of the district are in session, unless excused from attendance by the board upon application of his parent or guardian on grounds specified in the laws:
(Sec. 319, School Law of 1931).

The manual entitled, “Uniform Child Accounting for Minnesota School Districts,” published by the Department of Children, Families and Learning states:

Classification of Absences:
1. Excused Absences

* Sickness of the child (In case of prolonged or excessive absences, a physician’s statement may be required)
* Sickness or death in the family
* Impassable roads or weather making travel unsafe
* Observance of religious holidays by public schools
* Pre-excused trips/vacations (one week prior notice)
* Required to be in court
* Emergency medical or dental treatment
* Suspension

2. Unexcused Absences
* Truancy - A child whose parents expect him to be in school but who does not attend for other than lawful reason is truant.
* Unlawful detention
Unlawful detention is pupil absence from school with knowledge and consent of the parent or guardian, for reasons considered unacceptable by the school authorities.

•Please note with regard to unexcused absences: No teacher is expected to take extra time with a pupil to introduce materials, provide homework, correct papers, administer tests, etc., during the child’s period of unexcused absence. The teacher is required to give the child a zero grade for assignments not completed.

•Please note with regard to excused absences: Students absent from school due to suspension for disciplinary reasons are responsible for completing all homework missed during their absence.

•A written request for student absences due to vacation or family business must be submitted to the teacher/principal for approval 5 days prior to vacation. Students are required to make up all work missed during their absence. Alternative assignments may be arranged by the student, teacher, and parent.

•If you know that your child’s illness will be extended past one day, inform the secretary during the initial contact.

TARDY Students arriving at school after 8:00 a.m. or before 10:00 a.m. are considered tardy unless the arrival time is due to a late bus. Students arriving at school after 10:00 a.m. will be counted as one-half day a.m. absent. If a child enters the health room directly from the bus and is sent home, they would be counted absent for the whole day. Students who start the school day but find it necessary to leave for a short period of time (doctor or dental appointments) will not be counted absent, provided they return to school after the appointment. Students, who because of doctor or dental appointments, arrive after morning attendance has been taken, will be counted as tardy.